Selas experience

Tasting menu for two – Dishes made by the chef. 320 p/p

Premium tasting menu for two – Dishes made by the chef. 430 p/p

Natural Phenomenon

Spicy Soba Salad – Soba noodles, peanuts wafu vinaigrette, yuzu and seasonal vegetables in Korean marinade. 54

Thai Julienne Salad – Thinly sliced vegetables with spicy Thai seasoning, glass noodles, peanuts, herbs and chili. 56

Dragonfly – Grill scalded iceberg lettuce, dashi hollandaise, hazelnuts, parmesan and bottarga. 52

Miso Eggplant – Long cooked eggplant with tomato confit – white miso sauce, mirin-ginger vinaigrette and fresh leaves. 56

Tectonic Plates​

Mediterranean Tuna Tataki – Seared Tuna with 9 peppers crust. Served with black eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke cream and Korean chili sauce. 55

Salmon Tartufo – Salmon cubes and pineapple salsa, with apple and herbs consume, Tobiko and pickled chili. 52

Sashimi Plate – Raw fish platter served with a variety of techniques and unique dressings. 195

Mawashi Geri – Beef tartare, japanese barbeque sauce, egg yolk and spicy nori twill. 69

Tokushuna – Beef tartare cooked in sous-vide and seared, cucumber consume and lemon-grass. Served with green salad, fermented soy beans and red oil. 75

Mountain Movement Nigiri

Yellow-fin Tuna – Ponzu koji, teriyaki, myple and crispy rice pearls. 3 units. 48

Nikkei – Changing seasonal fish, yellow scorpion sauce and corn furikake. 3 units. 45

Hot Salmon – Dashi butter, Ethiopian pepper and carnation-lime teriyaki. 3 units. 42

Salmon XO – Cream-cheese and cooked salmon topping. 3 units. 42

The Book – Double tuna, ponzu koji, Szechuan teriyaki, spring onion and furikake. 3 units. 58

The Up-side Down – Tuna tataki, rice topping seasoned with home-made togarashi. 2 units. 38

Wagyu – Wagyu beef slices with homemade cherry vinegar, a spicy touch of wakashi, pickled mustard seeds and smoked maldon salt. 78

7.4 On Dreambox Scale

Caribbean Roll – I/O Salmon and avocado, with salmon and pineapple salsa topping and smoked Maldon salt. 8 units. 82

Selas Roll– I/O White fish, chives and avocado, with salmon, tuna and white fish topping, yuzu aioli, green onion and sesame. 8 units. 85

Salmon Trio – Salmon cooked in date honey and ginger, with cream cheese, asparagus and avocado, Raw salmon and cooked salmon tartare topping. 8 units. 78

Futomaki – Seared tuna, arugula, kanpyo, avocado and sweet potato, with cucumber wrap. 4 units. 64

Kitomaki – A roll without rice. Salmon, tuna, white fish, arugula, avocado and kanpyo, with cucumber wrap. 4 units. 68

I/O T&T – Tuna, avocado and kanpyo, tuna and tuna tartare topping, crispy rice pearls. 8 units. 89

I/O Koko – White fish in tempura, avocado, tuna topping, habanero gomae, aioli kosho, spring onion and sesame. 8 units. 85

NIKKEI I/O – Salmon marinated in lemon and chili, white fish topping, crispy leek and Peruvian chili vinaigrette. 8 units. 85

Crispy Sandwich – Salmon, avocado and Gouda cheese, with yuzu kosho aioli, carrot cream, furikake and spring onion topping. 4 units. 82

Horaiya's Koji Soy (Japan, 50 ml) – Premium soy sauce. 15

Aioli Kosho Habanero – Aioli with fresh yuzu peel and habanero peppers. 10


Dim-Yam – Steamed fish dumplings, served with yuzu creme fraiche, citrus ponzu and green oil. 55

Nepalis’ Momo – Steamed dumplings Stuffed with chicken, ginger, shiitake mushrooms and cabbage, A mixture of garlic, yuzu and onion. Served with spicy herbs dip. 62

Smoked Soil – Salmon sautéed in brown butter, served with black risotto, cashew nuts and smoke. 68

Bam-boo – Steamed white fish with butter puree, whipped beurre blanc, koji mirin and tubiko. 76

Tokyo Style – Thin slices of Wagyo with pickled radish, herbs and Koji Ponzu. Served with a hot plate aside. 92


Chocolate Fudge – Chocolate with toffee Koji-miso, tyme crumble and black pepper. Served with Kaymak and Matcha powder. 49

Jananas – Pineapple charred on coals, vanilla Madagascar anglais, black tonka crumble, chili and micro coriander touches. 55